Exclusive River Ebro Fishing Tours with ‘The Ebro Expert’ Colin Bunn

Ebro Expert - River Record

Roger Griffiths sets a new River Ebro record at 252lb (115kg) and 8'7 long (2.61m)!

River Ebro Fishing Tours
River Ebro Fishing Tours

River Ebro Fishing Tours

Colin has been fishing the river Ebro system in Spain since March 1990 and was one of the first British anglers to pioneer the fishing on the river Ebro system for the wels catfish with unrivaled success.

He was instrumental in the development of what is now called the buoy system, he was the first to use eels as bait with this method and he was the first to target catfish with Halibut pellets which has become the standard method in Spain for catching catfish. Colin has also guided the current river record catfish of 252lb (115kg) which was 8’7 (2,61m) long.

His success soon echoed throughout the catfish world with his amazing catches although he did keep it to himself for many years until he started firstly, Catmaster Tackle in 1996 followed by a move to Spain in 2000 to start Catmaster Tours. He successfully ran Catmaster Tours for 18 years helping thousands of anglers from more than 70 different countries achieve their angling ambitions before passing the business over to the new owners.

Since then, Colin has missed the guiding so much he is now offering personal guiding himself to small groups of 2-5 anglers for just a few weeks each year through the months of March, April, June, July, August, September, October, November, and December.

Colin is only going to be guiding for one or possibly two weeks of each month, so availability will be limited. The experience he is offering you is either to be guided by Colin like normal guided tours or you can fish along with Colin who will also be your guide, it’s your choice and your experience. You can be as involved with the fishing as you choose, you can leave all the work to Colin or you can let Colin show you how to do everything including making rigs and being involved with baiting methods, landing, and handling the fish, and finally releasing the fish.

Expert Catfishing in Spain with Ebro Expert River Ebro Fishing Tours

Colin’s own personal catches have accounted for numerous record catches and he has personally caught over 800 Catfish of 100lb plus and many over the magical 200lb plus with his personal best over 220lb (100kg) in weight which was over 8.5ft (2.5m) long and also many powerful Carp to over 60lb (30kg) from the river.

His knowledge of the river Ebro system, the wildlife, and the surrounding area is extensive having fished in Mequinenza for more than 30 years and living there for more than 20 years, he has fished during every month of the year, during all sorts of adverse weather conditions, from extreme heat to freezing temperatures and also during floods and droughts. He can therefore offer you the very best guiding available with the knowledge he has gained throughout these years so he can help you catch the fish of your dreams.

River Ebro Fishing Tours

Colin has also fished extensively all across Europe for Carp and Catfish in countries such as France, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Germany as well as Spain and is a current British Carp Study Group member (BCSG) and Catfish Conservation Group member (CCG). He has also fished for other more exotic species such as Arapaima, Alligator Gar, Mekong Catfish, Siamese Carp, Mahseer, Goonch Catfish, and many other varieties of beautiful and strange Catfish as well as a variety of other freshwater fish throughout the world with great success.



River Ebro Fishing Tours

The destination for your fishing tour is the beautiful town of Mequinenza in North-East Spain. The town and the rivers are overlooked by a beautiful historic castle and the scenery in the area is breathtaking with an abundance of wildlife to observe while you are fishing. The fishing on this section of the river is simply the best available in Spain and most probably in Europe if not the World. There is nowhere else where you have the chance to catch as many 100lb plus freshwater fish up to a massive 250lb plus as the river Ebro at Mequinenza.

River Ebro Fishing Tours

The town itself is a quiet town situated along the banks of the river Segre near the confluence with the River Ebro, with a population of around 2500 residents. Mequinenza is a relatively new town being built during the mid to late 1960s. The old town of Mequinenza was partially flooded because of the rising water levels due to the construction of the dams on the river Ebro for hydroelectricity, and parts of the old town are still there today.

The new town of Mequinenza where you will be staying has plenty of bars, restaurants, shops, and supermarkets to cater to all your needs including a very good, well-stocked fishing tackle shop. There is also a pharmacy, a dentist, and a very good medical center with emergency facilities in case of any illness or injury. International food and drinks are available and can be delivered to you by your guide while you are fishing on the river bank.

Swimming Pools

There are two relaxing public outdoor swimming pools and a paddling pool for smaller children if you are traveling as a family. These are seasonal and are open from June until mid-September and are great for a break from the fishing in the heat of the summer or to balance the time with your family and the fishing, keeping everyone happy. There is also a bar and restaurant on the poolside and a sweets and ice cream kiosk for the kids.

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River Ebro Fishing Tours
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