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Free Airport Transfer

We offer you FREE airport transfers from Barcelona (BCN) El Prat airport each Sunday between 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm in an air-conditioned vehicle. Seat belts should be worn at all times for your safety and by law whilst in the vehicles and you are advised you take out personal travel insurance for your holiday. Any flights booked out of these times will not be eligible for our free transfer service and it will be your responsibility to arrange transportation to get to us or we will be happy to help you arrange alternative methods such as taxi, train, hire car, etc.

NEW : Discount of €100 if you hire a car from the airport which will cover most if not all of the cost of the hire car. This is a great option if you want to go back to your accommodation to use the toilet at any time of the day or for any other personal reasons and it will enable your fishing guide to hold the swim you are fishing to prevent other anglers from moving in. You will also have a greater choice of flight times to choose from as you will not be set to arrival and departure times to meet our free pickup times and other airports will be an option such as Zaragoza, Reus, Girona, and Lleida airports. This offer only applies to our catfish tours and not the carp tours.

NEW : By popular demand, we can now also offer you transfers from Reus airport if you are struggling to meet the times of our free transfers from Barcelona airport. Often flights to Reus are more convenient for you or cheaper than to Barcelona. If choosing to fly to Reus a small charge will be incurred to cover the costs of driving from Barcelona to Reus airport of approximately €40 to €50 per group per journey plus Tolls which are currently about €15.

Please note; If you are taking advantage of our free airport transfers and not hiring a car, you will not be able to fish on the last evening of your trip with us so your guide can have a good night’s sleep ready for your return journey to the airport. This is for safety reasons, I hope you understand.

The meeting place at Barcelona airport is outside terminal 2A as we only have a 10 minute window for pick-up and drop-off each Sunday.

The meeting place at Reus airport is at the arrivals terminal as it is only a small airport.

If you arrive at Barcelona’s terminal T1 you will need to catch the Aerobus to get to terminal T2-B. These buses run every 5 minutes and are a free service. You are then driven the two-hour scenic journey to your destination – Mequinenza, taking a short break halfway for a toilet break and refreshments.

Once there, you will be shown some of the town’s amenities and the surrounding area to get your bearings before being taken to your accommodation where you can unpack and freshen up and prepare for your fishing trip.

All flights booked for our free pickup service must be to Barcelona (BCN) Airport and arranged for convenient pickup times for our free airport pickup service. Arrival and departure times must be arranged with the consideration of our pickup times between 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm, Sunday to Sunday so as long as you can arrive at Barcelona airport before 2.00 pm and depart the following Sunday after 2.00 pm you will be eligible for our free transfers.

If you are unsure, please check with us before booking. For your return flight, please allow for travel time from Mequinenza to Barcelona approx 2 hours, and either 1 or 2 hours check-in time recommended by your chosen airline. We normally leave Mequinenza for the airport at 10:00 am on Sunday morning.

Other airports can be used such as Reus, Zaragoza, and Lleida and we can arrange a taxi to collect you but this will be at your cost or you could catch the train to Lleida and we can collect you from there for a small charge. Alternatively, you could have a hire car which would give you a lot more flexibility when booking flight times, and if booked at the time that you book your flight can be very reasonably priced.

Please note that we do not take payment for flights ourselves, however by ensuring that you are booking with an ATOL-registered travel agent you can rest assured that your flights are financially protected. Alternatively, you can book your own flights via the Internet or travel companies, but before you confirm your flight booking, please check with us that the times and dates are correct and still available to avoid complications later.

Fishing Guiding Ebro Expert Guide Duties

Your fishing guide’s duties are to give you an unforgettable fishing holiday, the best guiding on the river, and the best results. He will provide all transportation throughout your stay with us including pick up and drop off from your accommodation at a time to suit you unless you decide a better option for yourselves is to hire a car. He will take food orders for breakfast, dinner, and evening meals, collect your food and deliver your food and drinks to the riverbank while you are fishing, make supermarket runs for you, and his most important duty, to help you to catch the fish of your dreams.

When to come fishing and the expected weather

March We class this month as the start of our fishing season. This can be an exceptional month for catching Catfish after being in semi-hibernation over the winter period and they get their feeding heads back on to build up for spawning. March is also a very good time for Carp fishing as well with both species feeding well. The weather can be quite warm during the day but going cold at night.

April The first weeks of April are normally fantastic weeks for fishing for both Carp and Catfish as the fish build up and prepare for spawning, we then close due to the possibility of spawning to avoid disappointment.

May Closed due to Spawning.

June The Catfish and the Carp are now feeding really well once the spawning period is over with plenty of fish caught at this time as the fish feed like crazy to build their body weight back up after hardly feeding during the spawning period. The weather is normally lovely sunny warm days, with great fishing conditions.

July The weather in July is really nice and stable and the Catfish and Carp feed really well at this time with some really big catches to be had during this great period.

August Probably the hottest month of the year but still plenty of Catfish and Carp feeding really well and getting caught. Once again some really great catches are possible; especially the Catfish as they love warm water. A great time for a family fishing holiday.

September Still quite hot during the day but a little cooler at night and a great time for the Catfish and Carp as they keep on feeding with some really great catches possible.

October The weather is still nice and warm during the day but going cooler at night. This is a great month for the Carp and the Catfish with some very big fish to be caught as they start the feed up for Winter.

November Warm during the day but going colder at night. This is your last chance for some nice weather and some great fishing. Some very big Catfish are caught as the Catfish feed up for Winter. The Carp fishing is also very good as the Carp start to shoal up and are feeding really well.

December The weather is similar to November, sunny days but it’s colder at night. It is still possible to catch Catfish with surprising results. The Carp fishing is excellent at this time with some very big catches possible. How about some Christmas and New Year fishing if you would like to finish the year with a difference?

January Still lovely sunny days most of the time but even in Spain it can be cold, especially at night but the Carp still keep feeding as the water temperature is warmer than the air temperature.

February Closed for the preparation for the forthcoming season starting in March.