River Ebro Carp Tours

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River Ebro Carp Tours

Carp Fishing

The carp in the river Ebro congregate in large shoals during the winter months in the deeper water, providing some excellent carp fishing. The main shoal fish are in the 25lb to 50lb range with many 50lb plus carp caught here and you are in with a chance of a 60lb, 70lb, or even an 80lb plus carp if you are lucky.

The biggest confirmed capture to date is a huge mirror carp of 83lb and there have been several 70lb plus common and mirror carp caught here too. The majority of the carp in the river Ebro at Mequinenza are big common carp of which most have never been hooked before. These river carp are unbelievably strong fighters and will take you by surprise with their power.

Our river Ebro carp tours price includes most of your carp tackle, a professional fishing guide, all fishing licenses, local tickets, accommodation, and free airport transfers if required. Things that are not included in the tour price are your food, drinks, bait, and flights. We do not provide the carp terminal tackle as we find these items are personal to the angler and we do not provide the carp reels for the same reason although we do have carp reels you can use for a small cost if your reels are not suitable.

River Ebro Carp Tours
River Ebro Carp Tours - Ebro Expert

Carp fishing from a boat.

This amazing way to fish for carp enables 2 anglers per boat to reach all the inaccessible areas of the river where the carp are in the weed beds safe from anglers and hungry catfish.

This close-range fishing method requires stealth when approaching the feeding carp and really gets your adrenalin flowing when you see the wide backs and tails of the carp as they are feeding just a few meters from your boat.

When you get a take the water erupts often spraying you with water as you hook into one of the river’s powerful carp.
Alternatively, you could fish from the bank and use the boat for baiting up accurately and distance fishing.

Reach the inaccessible areas of the river where the Carp feel safe from anglers’ baits.

River Ebro Carp Tours - Ebro Expert

Dinghy hire can be arranged for use for distance fishing and baiting up accurately.

Price on request.

River Ebro Carp Tours Image Gallery

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PRICES per week

3 or more anglers in one group - River Ebro Carp Tours - Ebro Expert

3 Anglers +

Group size: For 3 or more anglers in one group
£375 per person
2 anglers in one group - Ebro Expert - River Ebro Carp Tours

2 Anglers

Group size: For 2 anglers in one group
£450 per person

Included in the tour price

  • Accommodation
  • Free airport transfers
  • Professional fishing guide
  • Transportation throughout your stay
  • Food delivery service
  • Most Carp tackle supplied
  • All Fishing licenses
  • Bait available
  • Boat hire available
  • No hidden charges

River Ebro Carp Tours – Carp tackle provided

  • Fox 3.5 lb carp rods
  • Solar Stainless rod pod
  • Delkim alarms
  • Solar but bangers
  • Fox Landing net
  • Fox Unhooking mat/cradle
  • Fox Floatation sling
  • Reuben Heaton scales
  • Recliner Chair
  • Shelter

Your Fishing Requirements

  • Carp terminal tackle
  • 2 Carp reels
  • Head torch
  • Old towels for your slimy hands
  • Camera
  • Travel plug adapter
  • Shower/Bath towel

River Ebro Carp Tours Tackle

We only supply the very best tackle available for your use on our carp and catfish fishing tours.

River Ebro Carp Tours Tackle

River Ebro Carp Tours – Winter Carp Video